The post-pandemic frame of mind has shifted, primarily where cargo, inventory, and manufacturing are concerned, from Just-In-Time to Just-In-Case. As we learned over the last three years, sometimes the best-laid plans can be upended instantly, leaving everyone scrambling for solutions. After four decades of carrying only the inventory needed for the current work schedule isn’t enough to protect manufacturers from times of scarcity or disruption. New, more expansive solutions are required when planning your production schedule. 


The allure of the Just-In-Time theory was palatable because of the abundance of options, parts, suppliers, capacity, and access in pre-pandemic times. The macro-minimalist approach allowed companies to avoid carrying large quantities of inventory, preferring to receive what was needed in a regular shipment to meet the needs of an assembly line. 


What J-I-T wasn’t prepared for was the calamity of a pandemic hitting suppliers, supply chains, labor, capacity, and demand at the exact same moment. No longer was there plenty of space on planes and boats; in fact, available space was either blanked to deal with an expected reduction in spending or stuffed with PPE and medical equipment flying to countries battling surging cases. Having no safety net hung suppliers out to dry and taught a lesson on preparation. 


Unnecessarily rewriting the rules for how to run a manufacturing facility will do more harm than good, but having contingencies in place is critical at this moment. The best contingency plan for your business is working with an experienced logistics professional who can work with your suppliers to plan ahead and work proactively on keeping your cargo prepared, come what may.


Warehousing options from RS Express can get you through the holiday season without seeing any slowdowns. Space for inventory, up to the minute visibility, packing, kitting and distribution services, and state of the art security offers peace of mind when supplies start to dwindle. RS Express can create a customized offer to make sure you have the services you need without paying for ones you don’t. 


Whether you need warehouse help to hold your inventory, final mile delivery options to circumvent winter weather conditions, or sourcing and purchasing advocacy to find available suppliers to take over in cases of civil unrest or social distancing upheaval. RS Express built our reputation on finding a path through even the most harrowing storm, and we’re ready to work with you to keep your sleigh sliding through the season.