LA-LB Port Congestion


LA-LB Port Congestion Late peak-season container volumes, chassis shortages, and rail delays have resulted in congestion at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. READ MORE

LA-LB Port Congestion2014-10-08T20:26:22+00:00

Chassis Shortage and Terminal Congestion


Chassis Shortage and Terminal Congestion Since late last year, the three most prominent U.S. ports have been facing  chassis shortages and terminal congestion, especially at READ MORE

Chassis Shortage and Terminal Congestion2014-02-24T17:43:18+00:00

Updated: Port Strikes in Chile


Port Strikes in Chile According to Reuters, nine ports are affected by the stevedore port strikes in Chile, which originated at the Northern Port of READ MORE

Updated: Port Strikes in Chile2014-01-13T21:06:35+00:00
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