Many companies find cost savings and efficiencies in a streamlined returns management and warehousing program that is housed in the same location. These companies are able to avoid unnecessary storage, handling, and transportation costs and are ultimately able to service their end-customer better by implementing an integrated returns management and warehousing solution. A streamlined returns management, warehousing, and distribution program promotes higher levels of visibility, decreased inventory and transportation costs, and a more efficient and effective supply chain.

The constant movement of inventory through the supply chain enables companies to avoid additional charges inherent in managing overstocks, seasonal fluctuations, and obsolescence. A streamlined returns management and warehousing program in the same location decreases the amount of time it takes for the inventory to move through the supply chain. Further, companies obtain better visibility and more efficient inventory flows through an integrated returns management, warehousing, and distribution program specific to their company’s needs. It also improves their relationship with dealers, distributors, and suppliers.

Increased visibility, accurate inventory levels, and effective returns management enable you to manage the inbound flow of goods more effectively. This results in just-in-time shipments, reducing unnecessary inventory costs. The ability to plan inbound international shipments ahead of time also enables the importer to obtain the most competitive freight rates with more shipment options.

Our streamlined returns management, warehousing, and distribution solution is designed to handle the end-to-end movement of goods – from receiving the imported goods, to shipping the goods to retailers, distributors, or directly to the end-customer, and returns processing. We develop and integrate a program that fits your company’s needs in an effort to make you more efficient and profitable. We accurately and efficiently take receipt of the returned goods, document the reason for return, and perform returns management according to your company’s return policy. Outsourcing your logistics enables you to focus on your core competencies while enjoying additional cost savings by replacing a fixed cost structure with a variable one.