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CBP, FDA and ATF – Paying attention to the details

The complexity of a customs entry is increased exponentially when Participating Government Agencies (PGA’s) must also grant their release along with Customs and Border Protection. RS Express knows wine requires multistep, multi agency submissions. Beginning with a pre-departure security filing, continuing with a pre-arrival Bioterrorism Act submission and final customs classification, FDA product codes and ATF label approvals offer plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong. The years of experience and depth of expertise in every facet of wine logistics from monitoring for temperature excursions through to proper handling means that we are more equipped than most any company to manage the visibility and demands of wine importers and the labels they represent.




Knowing your products, knowing your product codes

The Food and Drug Administration’s release process is integrated into the information we submit to CBP. Dozens of different vintages and varietals translate into complex and comprehensive filings with the agency. We know how to structure data submissions to the agency for release such that if they choose to hold just a small, select lot of a shipment that the rest of the cargo upon release can continue to move to awaiting customers.

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Wine Logistics

We keep our cool

Climate control goes beyond just chilling and shipping frozen cargo. Whether you need continuous monitoring of temperature or controlled atmospheric to prevent early ripening, we offer various equipment and overpacking that enables us to minimize exposure time to warm weather while in transit to the aircraft or maintain a steady low oxygen atmosphere for delicate fruit and produce, RS Express can help you stay fresh in the hottest weather.

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Track And Trace

Wine Logistics

Finding you in the farthest reaches

From Bottles And Crate To Around the Globe

Currently there is no shortage of information people can access about their cargo and at RS Express we strive to be the most comprehensive information source you can find about your cargo journey. We offer real time updates, pre-alert information and a full integration of your distribution needs to make sure you have the best data from which to make decisions.


Wine Logistics

Discretion, attention to detail, white-glove service

For private collectors, the acquisition of wine is both a pursuit of pleasure and an accumulation of assets. Intrigued by a producer, a winemaker or a region, private collectors do not ship in bulk to sell for a simple retail or restaurant markup. They maintain carefully curated collections in their homes and storage facilities worldwide. For these high value, rare and in-demand wines, shipments are treated with our same high-attention to detail, but with the acute awareness that an engaged consumer with a relationship or connection to their purchase is taking an even more vested interest. RS Express works with collectors around the world transferring stock with or relocating their collections, pulling from storage and delivering lots for auction or safely transporting auction purchases to their designated destinations.

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Wine Logistics

Freshness over all

The biggest concern in perishables and food logistics is the freshness of the product and shelf life left after arrival. We have a unique understanding of the requirements by customs and overseas regulatory bodies that govern food shipments around the world. Errors and omissions cost critical time that can adversely affect your business. By working closely with carriers and our global network of international partners, we have local experts in place to ensure that delays don’t touch the delicate food shipments in transit to your customers. Save time, save shelf life, choose RS Express.

Beer, Spirits,

Wine Logistics

and AH Service

The diverse number of choices available to consumers seems to expand daily as rules governing alcoholic beverages grow more relaxed in jurisdictions around the United States. R.S. Express understands the shipping requirements, FDA admissibility and internal revenue tax requirements for legacy beer and spirits importers and distributors and is on the forefront of the new types of canned cocktails and other Ready To Drink (RTD) products entering the American market.

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Single Line

Wine Logistics

The Brewer’s Association of America defines a craft brewer as having annual production of 6 million barrels or less. As the interest in niche brewing across styles, regions and unique ingredient and flavor offerings broadens, smaller brewers focused on production and quality need an experienced partner to handle the supply chain and regulatory issues. R.S. Express and our global network of offices and partners, coupled with a deep knowledge of the intricacies of shipping and entering alcoholic beverages provide a trusted solution to help support market expansion and new business opportunities.