The warehousing landscape, a pivotal element of the U.S. sales and inventory chain, is undergoing dynamic shifts. The impending expiration of a significant chunk of U.S. industrial leases hints at forthcoming inflationary pressures. With rents spiraling upwards and inventories held longer in storage, businesses face surging third-party warehouse costs. Amid these looming challenges, R.S. Express emerges as a beacon, providing resilient and cost-effective solutions for your cargo needs.


Understanding the Challenge:

The recent Warehouse Pricing Index Report spells out a potential inflationary driver in 2024: 33% of U.S. industrial leases are set to expire in the subsequent two years. The implications are profound. We’re looking at potential rent hikes and the associated surge in third-party storage costs.


Mike Adkins of WarehouseQuote underscores a subtle facet: the costs for 3PL services resonate with the real estate price trends. It’s a nexus that businesses can’t afford to ignore.


R.S. Express: Your Strategic Partner in Warehousing Solutions:


  1. One-Stop Shop: R.S. Express offers a comprehensive suite of services. Your needs are covered, from international transportation and cargo clearance to domestic warehousing and e-commerce shipping.


  1. Licensed and Certified: Our certifications from the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) ensure a smooth import and export experience. Plus, our TSA certification means secure air cargo transport.


  1. Global Reach, Personal Touch: Being part of the Certified Transportation Network ensures a global reach, but our promise is personal touch. We answer your calls, understanding that your urgency is our urgency, too.

  2. Preparedness Through Knowledge: Our memberships in cargo, networking, and transportation associations like the International Warehouse Logistics Association position us ahead of the curve. We’re more informed, agile, and ready for shifts in the industry.


  1. Integrated Solutions: Beyond mere storage, we understand the complexities of the supply chain. With our expertise, we can assist in strategizing SKU rationalizations or executing disposal strategies to counter rising storage costs.


The warehousing sector’s evolving challenges demand an informed, agile, responsive, and solution-driven partner. R.S. Express stands committed to ensuring that your supply chain, from storage to transportation, remains solid and efficient.