Outsourcing your purchase order management processes enable you to spend more time on what you do best – sales, marketing, collections, and other customer-facing priorities. By allowing RS Express to be part of your purchase order management process, we apply your organization’s overall goals and strategies to develop and integrate a streamlined value-added service offering to help you reach your goals and objectives – at no additional cost to you. You may be paying labor to communicate with many different global suppliers and transportation service providers to fulfill orders for your customers. RS Express leverages its global network and nearly 30 years of experience in the international logistics and supply chain management industries to manage that entire process for you – simply forward the purchase order that will result in an import to RS Express and we will handle the rest.

Most folks send us PO’s 90-180 days in advance to take fullest advantage of shipping and consolidation options that present themselves – you’d never see them on your own; we see them every day. We start from the concept that you don’t have the time, nor do you want to be global transport experts – we are, and that partnership comes at no additional charge.

An outsourced purchase order management systems cuts down the number of parties involved in the communication efforts – this means less confusion and quicker time-in-transit. With RS Express managing your purchase orders that result in imports, we handle the entire process from communicating with the foreign suppliers to arranging international transportation, clearing customs, warehousing, and delivering to your end customer, whether in the USA or a third country.

Our in-country folks will reach out to your in-country shippers, in their language and in their time zone, well before the shipment takes place to get the cargo and shipper characteristics – i.e. container or pallet size and weight, contact information, hours of dock operation, traffic flow preferences, and any other local considerations. This allows us to plan your shipment details efficiently while avoiding any unnecessary delays, missed cut off dates, damage avoidance techniques, even down to the most convenient pick up times. We, also, are able to research and secure the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective carrier options and transit times on your behalf – sometimes you’ll want the cheapest way, sometimes the fastest, and so on.

RS Express believes that outsourcing your purchase order management processes within your supply chain will enable us to consistently secure the most competitive rates in the trade lanes you use most. With such automation, RS Express is able to find the right balance between your volume commitments, on regular shipments, and spot buying, for your sporadic shipments.

Outsourced purchase order management processes make you more competitive in the market place, enabling you to serve your end customers better. Lowering freight rates reduces the total landed cost of your products, while shorter transit times reduces your quote-to-cash cycle resulting in less time between production and the delivery to your end customer. This means that you get paid faster, while enjoying greater inventory velocity.

The good news is that you can achieve a synchronized purchase order management system with RS Express at no additional cost. Relying on our 30 years of experience in the international logistics industry frees you from the burden of trying to arrange all of the details between the shipper, transportation providers, and the end customer so you can spend more time on product development, marketing, and sales. We will do a needs analysis and implement a purchase order management system specific to your company to make you more efficient and profitable.