Ningbo Truckers Strike

Truck drivers at the Port of Ningbo Beilon enacted a strike on August 18th which erupted into violence a few days later on August 20th, bringing the port to a standstill. The Ningbo truckers strike is a result of stagnant trucking rates for the last eight years while diesel rates have increased, causing the truckers’ take home pay to decrease. According to World Maritime News, “The city’s transportation association had issued a notice on July 15, stating that haulage rates should increase on average by 12 percent but drivers complained that many freight companies had refused to increase rates in line with the industries association’s notice.” Some protesters became violent in clashing with riot police and smashing windshields of trucks attempting to cross picket lines.

Importers and exporters with ocean shipments transiting the Port of Ningbo should expect delays as truckers are not moving containers in or out of the port. Air freight shipments should be unaffected. Terminal operations have experienced delays in the last couple of days as containers were not loaded or unloaded at the port. Future delays are imminent as the strike continues.


World Maritime News