When you consider the importance of enlarging your inventory holdings and external warehouse space through an experienced and knowledgeable 3PL like RS Express, you’re moving forward with a solid plan to prevent disruption from impacting your supply chain. We’ve learned throughout the pandemic that even the best-laid plans can be waylaid by unforeseen catastrophes, but suffering in solidarity is not a foregone conclusion. 


Following a lean manufacturing method doesn’t prohibit manufacturing from using their knowledge and expertise to proactively prepare for disruptions that come along in the logistics industry. Lean doesn’t mean scrawny; it means without excess weight to slow down or overburden the space you have with bulky inventory. 


What happens when the shipping timetable is so upended by a worldwide pandemic that a Just-In-Time approach is no longer “In-Time”? 

By bringing together the forecasting and planning parts of your procurement process into alignment with an accurate picture of the logistics, a 3PL on your side offers space, organization, cost management, and a safety net to protect your production line while we navigate rough seas. 


Minimalism in the manufacturing industry might look like the modern miracle factory, but not every builder or assembly line has the privilege of expediting inventory across the world if a shipment becomes delayed or lost in transit. Managing the urgent shipment of inventory, looking at the costs of a shutdown, and calculating the labor costs involved are easily managed by holding a respite of raw materials in an accessible location where they can be accessed without excessive costs or delays. 

Are you concerned about the inventory you have en route to your factory? Do you consistently need to expedite cargo to keep everything running smoothly? If you are depending on suppliers for goods at any point in the supply chain, RS Express has a plan to provide you with the inventory you need in a safe, secure, state-of-the-art warehouse. Don’t trust your production to a fluctuating market, contact us at info@rsexpress.com or by phone at 630.350.9111.