Apple Product Launches Impact U.S. Air Freight Imports from China

The recent Apple product launch of the fifth generation iPad, the iPad Air, will impact U.S. air freight imports from China. As seen with past product launches, Apple buys up guaranteed space on aircraft carriers coming from China to the United States at a premium to fulfill orders. ­As a result, space availability for air cargo is subject to higher demand, driving up near-term air transportation costs.

As the holiday season approaches and retail shipping ramps up, it is imperative for U.S. importers to plan their air freight shipments from China  in advance as much as possible to obtain space on an aircraft, especially for larger shipments. This will effect U.S. air freight imports from China for several months, as more high-tech product launches are expected to go to market for the upcoming holiday season. U.S. importers should look to obtain space and pricing as soon as soon as possible to reserve space for timely shipment arrival. Emergency air freight shipments coming from China may be subject to later ship dates and premium cargo rates.

Importers may wish to move part of their shipment by air and the rest by sea to maximize pricing and time in transit options.  We can help you decide which routing options are the most efficient and cost-effective. We are committed to providing our customers with intelligent solutions that are tailored specific to their needs. Please reach out to us with and questions.