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R.S. Express is a full-service global logistics provider capable of both transporting and clearing goods internationally and managing warehousing, fulfillment and e-Commerce shipping domestically.

We are licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) and Customs and Border Protection. This permits us to offer both import and export international transportation and to clear imported cargo bound for U.S. recipients. We are also certified by the TSA and maintain a security program to offer air cargo for transport.

R.S. Express recognizes the parallel importance of both professional networking and education. We are members of the Certified Transportation Network, a global network owned by its logistics company members dedicated to providing professional worldwide logistics services across the globe. In the United States, we are members of the National Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Association of America, the International Warehouse Logistics Association and many other international trade associations.

It is a source of pride that we are more informed than our competition. The time and money invested in education and association memberships positions us to both know and be ready for regulatory changes that can turn into cost-savings and ensure high levels of compliance for our customers.

We feel it is a key differentiator to provide one point of contact for your supply chain. We believe in the personal touch – by answering the phone ourselves. As an extension of your company we are focused on providing knowledgeable, informed and efficient service tailored to your unique needs. Our promise is that you can reach us right away, without delay. Your urgency is our urgency.

License Number

OTI / NVOCC License No. 003204


About Us

Meet Our Team

Our leadership team is dedicated to being your efficient, intelligent and reliable logistics partner at every stage of your growth. The success of R.S. Express is tied to our customers’ success and helping them achieve their goals. It is our core belief that treating our customers honestly, fairly and with transparency determines our effectiveness. For 30 years we have successfully provided innovative supply chain solutions by building long-term relationships with our customers and ensuring their satisfaction for the duration. R.S Express has provided examples of the solutions we’ve created and invite you to read some of our case studies.

  • Nitin has been with RS Express since 2006 and over the time has seen the business and sophistication of picking and packing change significantly. When not at RS, he enjoys spending time with grandson and the rest of his family.

  • Prior to joining RS Express, Warren served in the armed forces and retired as an E-3 after twenty years. Before returning to the United States, he and his wife lived in Sicily where he taught English to elementary school children by day and served as a private tutor to high schoolers and adults in the READ MORE

  •  I was brought on to assist with warehouse data entry and customer service. Overtime I learned more about warehouse ops and eventually was promoted to warehouse supervisor. I was in charge of coordinating inbound and outbound shipments. I was also in charge of configuring our warehouse management software for use with new and existing customers. READ MORE

R.S. Express, Inc. has over 25 years of experience providing small to medium businesses with global logistics services. Our services include: customs brokerage and trade services, freight forwarding, outsources logistics, global logistics, and wine logistics. While leveraging our global logistics infrastructure and utilizing our dedicated team, we are able to provide our customers with the attention needed to achieve their goals. Please contact R.S. Express, Inc. to further discuss our ability to help with your logistics needs.

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About Us

Case Studies


A Middle Eastern beverage bottler was having significant line-down problems. Its’ suppliers were not following shipping instructions, preparing documents properly, and shipping products in a timely manner. We took over their supply chain function and complied with mandated order requirements and processed all orders. In also acting as the customer’s shipping agent, we interacted with suppliers and required them to submit all orders through us to ensure that packaging was correct. We also alerted the end-user customers to the receipt of goods and met all customer shipment requirements. This enabled our customer to provide excellent service to their customers and increased end-user customer satisfaction.


A German Road Construction Equipment manufacturer experienced a high damage rate during the loading and unloading of shipments with its previous partner. We designed and fabricated a unique armature which allowed forklifts to move the machine quickly and easily. The new armature virtually eliminated the number of damaged units and enabled the manufacturer to deliver its units to their customers without the use of special vehicles.

order fulfillment

An Australian dental products manufacturer needed a supply chain partner who could provide real-time pick and pack services to match its dental office customers’ requirements. In working with us, the manufacturer was able to control its marginal costs by matching our supply chain resources to its business needs. We incurred the fixed costs of labor and warehousing instead of the manufacturer during slower times in their business cycle. In outsourcing its pick and pack services to us, we successfully reduce the manufacturers’ overhead and efficiently deliver their products to their customers to their complete satisfaction.